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​Birgit O'Connor Watercolors

Birgit O'connor Watercolor Painting

As an Artist strive to show that the seemingly delicate medium of watercolor can be bold,

rich and dramatic. I am intrigued by showing others how to view the everyday world in

another way by taking what is not first noticeable and bring that into focus to give the

viewer a new perspective. To understand and see beauty and simplicity within complexity.

When painting it is not about what you see at first glance it is more about the emotional

connection I have to my subject. The form is the language the content the voice. As Artist's we are here to share our gifts with others, at is a valuable healing experience for both the creator and the observer and my art is what I am here to do. At first glance you might think many of my paintings are just flowers, but if you look deeper into the shadows and under the folds of the petals you may find yourself being lead into your own imagination.

Along my path many people have tried to discourage me, but just doing what you love

and never giving up has lead me on a wonderful journey, I believe in dreams.


Artist Statement

Shows and Exhibitions

2014 Louisiana Watercolor Society (LWS) 44th International Exhibition, New Oreleans LA

2014 Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) 74th International Exhibition, Seattle WA

2014 California Watercolor Society (CWA) National Exhibition, Fremont CA

2014 Second Place 44th International Watercolor Exhibition,
LWS in New Orleans

2003 - 2014 Artist Magazine
2003 - 2014 Watercolor Artist Magazine
2012  INK in New Mexico
2011  Dobry Zank, Poland
2011   L'Art de l'Aquarelle, France
2009       Watercolor Essentials    by North Light Publications
2008       Watercolor in Motion     by North Light Publications

LWS Louisiana watercolor Society,  (Signature Membership)
CWA California watercolor Society  (Signature Membership)
Who's Who in America
Who's Who in  American Women


2014 - Painting Teacher Bonita Springs FL, Gloucester MA, Newfoundland Canada, Art in the Mountains Bend OR, Mendocino Art Center CA, SCWS Pueblo CO. Napa CA, Pt. Reyes National Seashore CA. Springmaid SC

2013 - Painting Teacher CWA CA, NMAL Albuquerque NM, Studio Six Toronto Canada, Cheap Joe NC, Mendocino Art Center CA, Art in the Mountains Bend OR,  IWS IOWA, SBAA Santa Barbara CA, Pt. Reyes National Seashore CA

2012  Henderson KY, Las Vegas NV, Studio Six Toronto Canada, Jackson Hole WY, Sedona AZ, Napa CA,

2012 The Villages, FL
2010 CBS, Alpina MI