By utilizing a diverse watercolor palette, Birgit O'Connor's paintings have an unprecedented way of capturing nature’s beauty in a unique way. Specializing in floral art and landscapes, her intricate techniques bring a sense of finesse to every piece she designs. See for yourself as you explore the Birgit O’Connor gallery, which features a stunning collection of bold and realistic watercolors and canvas paintings.  

With watercolor art comprised of captivating and distinct compositions, Birgit’s ability to create floral art with precision and artistry causes her beautiful canvas paintings to mesmerize viewers. From the seeds to the petals, her detailed paintings showcase every part of the flower.

Additionally, Birgit paints stunning landscapes consisting of serene beaches and morning mists. Each painting has its own aura and style, incorporating both luminous and calming colors.

Discover Birgit’s work with landscaping and floral art within this gallery. Notice how Birgit’s design elements create depth and realism in each of her paintings. Contact Birgit today by email or fill out the contact form to receive information on purchasing her art.

Artist & Instructor

​Birgit O'Connor Watercolors

Birgit O'connor Watercolor Painting