​Birgit O'Connor Watercolors

Untitled    15x22   w/c    Sold

Rose Dance   22x15   w/c

Cactus    15x22   w/c   Sold

White Tulips   40x30   w/c   Sold

Sounding    30x40    w/c    Sold

Anenomie 30x40 w/c      Sold

The Wave    60x40    w/c  

Artist & Instructor


It's not so much about representing a flower, as it is using the structure and form as a vehicle for self expression. It's easy to get lost in details of what it should look like rather then simplify and look at what is really there.

The Mask    30x40    w/c    Sold

Star flower 60x40 w/c  Sold