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 A workshop is an opportunity that offers everyone the space to experiment, have fun, make mistakes, learn and play. No matter what your level experienced to beginner there is always something new to learn. 

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Jan 8 -   Backgrounds & Shadows

Feb - Waves & Water

2018 Workshops

​Birgit O'Connor Watercolors

Artist & Instructor

Dear Birgit Thank you to everyone for a magical weekend filled with laughter, long walks of discovery, natural wonders, moments of awe. It was such fun getting to know you and learn from you, and making friends in class, looking forward to future adventures!  Maria Faer

Hi Birgit! Thank you so much for all you taught me at your Dramatic Floral workshop in San Jose recently! You are a fabulous, engaging and motivating teacher. The lessons were easy to grasp, yet challenged me and gave me new techniques to work with. I learned about tools, washes, layering, shading, compositions, and more. It was inspirational and a confidence boost for my artwork! You've made a big impact on me and my watercolor paintings, Birgit! Thank you!  Laura Campbell

Dear Birgit, You have been the most influential instructor I have ever had? I love your work and as soon as you come back to Sidney British Columbia I will be there.  Ruth Fowler 

Thanks so much......great memories. I am back in SC for the winter and when I show everyone my paintings from your workshop, they all wants to take one. Ann Cook

Dear Birgit I am grateful that I met and learned from such an amazing artist like Birgit so sweet and encouraging. It was like a
dream to be there. FYI: Love my #30, heaven!! :)
Your Amiga, Pat

Dear Birgit, I am so Looking forward to taking another workshop. Thank you. Maria Hernandez

Birgit - Really enjoyed the workshop. FUN AND VERY INFORMATIVE!  Loved meeting you and hope to do another one in the future. Thanks. Marie

Birgit is a fabulous teacher and has really inspired us.  It would be so much fun to all get together again and continue painting. 

Thanks Birgit.  It was a true adventure and we learned so much. take care- Anita and Holly