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New Live Online Workshops

Take a Live Workshop right from your own studio

Sept 18 & 19, 2018  White Rhododendron

Online Workshop - Live from the studio

Limited enrollment

How it works
Login from a provided link, then just like a live 9-4 workshop, you will be able to see and paint with other students, ask questions in real time, take breaks, talk to the instructor, get personal critiques and more. The only real difference with an online workshop VS an on location one, you are able to watch the full demonstration at your own drawing table, in the connivence of your own studio and as an extra Bonus get a recording of the workshop after (it's pretty cool).

What Students Say about Live online workshops

"Class yesterday was truly “AWSOME”! Class really had the feeling of being all together in a classroom without a lot of the distractions. You did an excellent job, the pace was perfect and your attention to each of us was excellent, without the sometimes feeling that someone was hovering over one’s shoulder. Also another really good aspect was that students were not clustered around the instructor for a prolonged period and then going back to their seats and trying to recoup and execute the information, truly wonderful". Trish K CA USA

"Having painted in a 3-day onsite watercolor workshop with other teachers, I was very interested in seeing how a 3-day online watercolor workshop would compare. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience....more so than going to a destination workshop. Gone is the expense of travel, lodging, luggage, and managing all of the the art materials! To be able to rest in my home, and go to my art studio and paint with my setup and supplies is so convenient and cost effective. Plus, the interaction with Birgit O’Connor and the other workshop attendees was actually heightened by comparison. The personal attention and immediate feedback was unparalleled. I learned so much in this workshop! I can’t wait for the next one to be offered! Birgit O’Connor is truly a pioneer in delivering a new and more effective way to offer watercolor instruction. Her method of teaching and demonstration of watercolor techniques will advance anyone’s watercolor skill level." Shirley Stewart Naples FL USA"Just want you to know how very much I enjoyed your live online class. Was a fantastic workshop you put together. Pace was fast, furious, and productive! Doing a full sheet painting in three days was quite an accomplishment, and a credit to your teachings and demonstrations. I hope for more “live” online classes from you in the future". Kathy Cundith CA USA

"I was lucky enough to do this workshop from New Zealand! It was awesome and such fun. Thanks again Birgit!! I highly recommend Birgit s classes she’s a wonderful teacher". Debbie Clarke New Zealand

"Thank you so much Birgit! It was really a great class, concept is excellent! Debera P. Mexico

"Thanks again for a wonderful workshop!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! I learned so much and enjoyed this format. Looking forward to your next live workshop".....Warmly, Shirley FL USA

Artist & Instructor

​Birgit O'Connor Watercolors

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